He knows what he wants…but that yearning inside grows deeper each day.  How can he go on living as a man when all day he dreams about those pretty soft pieces of lingerie, that craving is just too strong, and of course he also had just met Her. She was young, much younger than him, with a wild imagination and looks that would drive any sane man crazy, but he wanted something different from her..he wanted to be her.  He drove now more cautiously to her house, he knew he wanted to divuldge his secret fantasy to her, but how would she react…or did she already know?

She knew he was on his way over, a wicked smile darted across her lips, tonight would be the night she would tell him the truth…she would tell him her intentions.  She prepared herself by taking a steamy bubble bath, relaxing in the now tepid water, thinking as the waves of shimmery bubbles lapped against her flesh..what would he think when she spoke to him later. She had made preperations before her bath, chosen two complete outfits, only one was for her.  She stepped softly onto the deep red mat on the floor, wrapping a towel around her body she moved to the window, peering out against the coolness of the night knowing tonight would change things forever.

He pulled into the drive, nervously checking his appearence in the rear view mirror for the hundreth time, had that been a giggle he heard in her voice earlier when she asked him over.  He shook the thought from his head, he had his agenda for the evening he had to not lose his nerve now.  He stepped from the sleek comfort of his car out into the coolness of the night air, peering towards her house, he saw the flickering of candles in the window and he swallowed the lump in his throat and stiffened as he approached the door.

She softly dropped the towel to the rack finding the softness of the silk stockings a welcome match for her lotioned skin. She took extreme care in choosing the right panties and bra to match everything together perfectly. That Long black and red satin dress clung to her body like it was made just for her, and the slit showed from floor to waist exactly why the men around town couldn’t keep their eyes off of her.  Slipping her delicate feet into her black stiletto heels she heard a knock on the door and knew he was here…now the real fun can begin. He twisted nervously at the door, wanting to run and stay at the same time.  For a moment running back to the comfort of his car seemed favorable until he heard the distinct clicking of her heels as she descended the staircase. A quick turn of the knob and his escape was denied as the door eased open and his eyes met the vision in front of him.  He couldnn’t believe how perect she looked, like she had only now stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine, he was speechless…he was enamoured by her radiance and beauty, all he could do was stare.

She smiled seeing his reaction, she knew she was right in calling him over tonight, and thus far her preparations for the evening were working magically.  She extended her hand to invite him in and he followed. As she closed the door and locked it behind him she bent down to whisper in his ear, the sweet aroma of jasmine and lavender filled his senses as she spoke. “I have something special planned.”  With that she turned and walked towards a bottle of wine and 2 glasses sitting on the table nearby.

He followed, unable to speak a word, his nervousness had taken hold of him completely and rendered him helpless to her will.  He took his glass, sipping in the delicious dry fruity mixture, he regained some composure and spoke softly to her as if asking permission to be heard. “Bella..I have something very important that i need to tell you about me…”

She placed her finger to his lips and a smile grew as her lips curled upwards, a twinkling in her eyes made him know there was something different about her as she spoke. “I know your secret…I know what you need…what you want, and tonight it will beome a reality.” She kissed him on the cheek, flashing that all to knowing smile his way as she took his hand and started to lead him upstairs…”Tonight you will be changed forever…” these were the last words he heard before they entered her bedroom, his eyes immediately fell to the clothing items laid out on the bed and he looked at her…she had known all along.

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