Hello pets, I wanted to stop by and say a little something on the topic of being owned. The decision to be owned as a pet is not one to come by lightly, as it is an experience beyond your wildest imagination. To lose control, to give up all free will…to be taken control of. I am that deviant seductress, who calls to you in your darkest fantasies, beckoning you closer…tempting you to let go and be free. As you bow at my feet…cowering to My superiority…you will feel how insignifigant you really are, and of course how powerful I really am.

Close your eyes, imagine giving yourself to Me, offering your very life for my amusement. The journey begins with a few simple words…Mistress…I surrender all to you’ It is then that you step away from everything you know to be true and enter My world. that moment that you feel it is possible to give yourself over, allowing me to take your fantasies and make them into reality, weaving a web of fantastical delight, dark and enticing, drawing you in to My whispered seduction…you will be mine little pet…completely.

I will own you, your body…mind…and spirit, taking full control of your senses and heightening your awareness of even the most distant realm of your fantasy. Take another step closer pet…breathe in the seduction…like melted chocolate dripping off that ripened berry…accept your position and beg for more.

I am your first and your last…the beginning and end, every move you make, every thought you make…all will be for the glorification of your Mistress.

Care to take a walk down the path of your carnal cravings?