I also wanted to share with you a little fantasy that has been weaving in My pretty little mind:

She enters the room wearing that outfit that drives you wild, the short black skirt trimmed in lace to match the lace on the tops of her thigh high stockings…those 4 inch heels that make the distinct click as She walks towards you, the pink and black corset…Her hair cascading over Her shoulders like a river of gold. She smmiles and looks directly at you…kneeling on the floor, your head tilted down in submission but you can’t help but try to catch a peek at Her. *click click click* As she walks towards you, circling you in inspection.“My darling…we really need to talk” She says as the toe of Her stillettos slides between your legs and spreads them apart. She giggles as She looks down between your legs and steps away. “You do realize that thing between your legs is pathetic right? I’ve seen biggers packages on newborn babies” She laughs again, “You could never measure up to be a real man…you are aware of this right?” She laughs again as you choke out a pathetic whimper, trying to reclaim some ounce of manhood as She tears you down, one word at a time. “You don’t measure up, and you never will, you are a pathetic excuse for a boy much less a man…men have muscles and strong bodies and most importantly…they have real cocks…not that dangling little cocktail weenie hanging there.”

She stretches Her fingers through the back of your hair, slowly bending her face to yours…that taunting aroma of jasmine and lavender fill your senses as She whispers…”But never fear my little wimp…I know just what you need, I know just how you can amuse Me.”Want to know how this little fantasy ends? Of course you do…I can see how much you want to hear Me tell you all about it. *giggles* Now all you have to do is pick up your phone and call me 1-866-280-8484 I’ll have you on your knees begging for more.

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