… out of the corner of my eye, I caught him peeking in the window, watching my hand stroke the huge, throbbing cock I had invited over for dinner. I just knew that his tiny little dick was throbbing inside the chastity cage I had locked him in last night.

Never one to turn down the opportunity to tease and deny one of my cuckold bitches, I decided to put on a nice little show for him. I love being watched while I enjoy a handsome cock… although it’s always more fun making the tiny dick in the corner rub one off like a girl while he watches.

Knowing this cuck’s weakness for watching a big cock stretch me as I moan and enjoy a deep, hard fuck, I made sure to position myself so that he got the best view from the window. I told my stud to take it slow… I wanted to feel every bit of his beautiful, strong cock fill me up… enjoy every single inch as it stretched my tight, smooth shaven pussy… knowing full well that the cuck in the window would suffer massively as each inch forced it’s way into me.

I love the fact that bold, in your face PROOF POSITIVE that your little dicks could never satisfy me makes you ache for me even more! When my stud started to really slam me fast and hard, I surprised them both by stopping him short of cumming… getting up from the bed, going to the window, and waving the peeping tom cuckold inside.

…. the rest of this dream made me so hot, I woke up and called my favorite thick cocked stud and told him I wanted some breakfast in bed… he knew he’d be the meal. I’ll have a nice fresh, thick and hot load of cum for my little bitch to take from me at lunch time. I bet his lil dick squirts when I hold his head to my pussy while I tell him all about the dream I had last night.